About Us

Welcome to the new place to buy and sell almost anything (If there is not a category, just email us and if we can we will add it in)

StuffMine was founded by Andrew & Michael Poole, a father and son team, Based in Waterlooville Hampshire United Kingdom. The website launched in November 2014 with the mission to create a safe and simple to use online auction website for collectables and antiques. In August 2016, we relaunched StuffMine with the tag line 'the everything auction', the marketplace to buy & sell almost anything.

In 2017 we added classifieds which is free (*Optional upgrades available) Now we have all three selling options under one roof we changed the tag line again to THE ONE PLACE MARKET

We are a small U.K based team who have a great passion for eCommerce, With the emphasis on saving you money.

Since launch, we have had a lot of positive feedback from our members and the public. We are working hard to continue to develop StuffMine into an affordable, user-friendly and enjoyable fun eCommerce marketplace.

About Andrew Poole (Owner Director)                                 

Andrew (right in photo) has 40+ years of experience in antiques and collectables and loves American history and anything western related. Andrew has a vast knowledge on many antique related subjects and has over 6000 positive feedback eBay sales on small collectables. Some of the reasons behind starting the auction site was to sell his own extensive collection of all types of items, collected over many many years and to better the experience for other collectors, buyers and sellers. Andrew has spent over 20 of his earlier years working on the family farms, starting age 12 he cut 10' runner bean sticks in the coppices on the farm which he sold to local gardeners for £1.50 a dozen. Andrew's great grandfather Frank used to say; 'you should always carry a knife, a piece of string and a shilling, so you can cut, tie or buy' (an old farmers saying). Andrew's father Douglas and brother Philip are still active Hampshire farmers.

Specialist subjects include... Wrist and pocket watches, clocks, jewellery, postcards, militaria, silver, fountain pens, toys and almost all small collectables.

About Michael Poole

Michael (left in photo) is a self-employed freelance digital marketer and ecommerce expert. Michael has helped build the business from day 1 and helps with all parts of the business including social media, SEO, PPC, market research, HTML, design work and brand awareness. Michael has loved antiques and collectables from a young age and is also a metal detectorist and passionate about history.

Michael & Andrew Poole next to the StuffMobile...

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Specialist subjects include... Coins, vintage cameras, lenses, stamps, antiquity, vintage lenses, vintage games and diecast toys

About Sutter's Mill Ltd...

Sutter's Mill Ltd is the name of our limited company that oversees StuffMine and all of our other business projects.The name is taken from Sutter's Mill (a wood saw mill) on the American river at Coloma, California, where on 24th January 1848 gold was discovered by James Marshall the mill boss. This started the great California gold rush of 1849. (49ers) . People from all nationalities sold up and travelled from all over the world to seek their fortunes and many stayed to start a new life in the United States of America.

Meet Maurice the Miner...

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Maurice does not say much but he loves antiques and collectables, especially gold, silver and jewellery and gold and some more gold. He has a vast knowledge and experience. He is known for finding and listing quality items and is determined to make StuffMine a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Meet Mervyn the Mule...

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Mervyn the mule is the trusted companion to Maurice and the company chatterbox. He is often on our social networks talking about stuff and his favourite food is carrots but not the same carats that Maurice likes. He is kind and thoughtful and very passionate about StuffMine. Mervyn was actually named after a real Mule called Mervyn that lived on the farm. Andrew's grandfather gave him away when a local horse trader stated how friendly he was but as he was known to be quite awkward sometimes. Andrew's grandfather (who had had a few whiskies) believed he would not be able to catch him, and told the horse trader, if he could catch him, he could have him. He caught him quite easily with his belt and walked him home. The man's name was 'Ginger Wyatt'. A true story.

Meet Big Hoss...

Big Hoss is Mervyn's uncle and a bit bossy but despite looking like a baddie, he works well with the team and helps promote stuff, keeps the team motivated and keeps an eye out for Black Bob.

Meet Black Bob...

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As you can probably guess, Black Bob is a bit of a villain.

Now and again he lists his 5-day auctions, Starting at 1p & selling without reserves.

Dont worry as these are his items to sell.

Meet Betsy...

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Betsy is going to be overseeing the new 'Craft & Handmade' category which we hope will be popular (okay you got us, it's just Mervyn dressed up).

It cost us a lot of carrots to get him to where that bonnet although we were a bit worried because he didn't mention the lipstick.

Meet AnnieO...

AnnieO heads up our fashion and beauty department but she is multi-talented and has a fun and high spirited personality.

There is talk of AnnieO giving Betsy a break now and again (or shall we say Mervyn)

Meet Running Wolf... 

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Running Wolf is Maurice and Mervyn's right hand man. He can make almost anything out of any material at whirlwind speed. 


Here's a few good reasons why you will love bidding, buying and/or selling on StuffMine...

  • Free to join & list* (*Optional features such as featured, highlighted and BOLD incur a small charge)
  • No bank or credit card details required
  • Up to 24 free supersize photos per listing
  • Free YouTube video for any listing type
  • Free to schedule and add a reserve
  • Start your listing at any amount at no extra cost
  • Star rating feedback system (No negative feedbacks)
  • 3% final value fee
  • Send and recieve money with PayPal / Cheque / Postal Order / Cash by Post (special Delivery)
  • We do not hold funds
  • Auto re-list up to 3 times for free / use 'sell similar' to list items faster
  • Free subtitle which includes searchable keywords
  • You can use 'sell similar' to create listings more quickly
  • Choose from auction or fixed price listings free to list 3% final value fee
  • All final value fees for auction & buy now sales are capped at £30 per listing (item)
  • Or choose our Classified ads which is free (*Optional features incur a small charge if needed)
  • No buyer's premium on any listing
  • Completed listings available for all sold items
  • No more 3, 5, 7 or 10 days. Choose to end your listing exactly when it suits you
  • Add hyperlinks to your own business website from any listing